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This November 5, District 3 voters will choose a city council member. Kevin’s grassroots activism has put him at the front of the race. His Green Novato platform is focused on neighborhood unity — making sure individuals, families, and neighborhoods are supported by city council as we move toward a sustainable “City of the Future.”

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Kevin’s opponent is focused on a Chamber of Commerce platform to “explore” new taxes that hurt individuals and families.


Kevin asks, “How will a City Hall insider work for the good of Novato voters?”

Kevin’s opponent lives on a hilltop miles from the realities of growing homelessness and rising crime, His downtown investment property was the subject of a two-year investigation by the State of California that ended without exoneration.

Meanwhile, Kevin is working on plans to help working- and middle-class people.

Kevin opposed the mayor’s gerrymandered district map. It flouted the spirit of the California Voting Rights Act, diluting the downtown minority presence from 52% to 34%. It created a “Downtown” district that stretches from StoneTree and Bahia in the northeast to Indian Valley College’s boundary in the southwest. (See below — the district in green is Novato’s “Downtown” district.)

The map was gerrymandered to protect the mayor. Which is why the mayor, who lives miles from downtown, is competing with Kevin to represent the downtown district.

The district in green is Novato’s “Downtown” district.

The district in green is Novato’s “Downtown” district.

There is a bit of confusion about how the City of Novato contributes to the Marin-to-ICE pipeline. We have an exemplary Chief of Police, Adam McGill, who is firmly against using local resources to enforce immigration policy. We have an exemplary council member, Josh Fryday, who is firmly against family separation in specific and our current immigration policy in general. However, we have no jail in Novato. So when people are detained by Novato police and transported to County Jail, they may become part of the sheriff's ICE pipeline. They may be family men and women, and pillars of the community. They may never be charged with a crime in Marin. And yet they may be turned over to ICE, held indefinitely, and/or sent to a country they haven't seen in 20 years. Which is why hundreds of Marinites, including many Novatans, are speaking out against Sheriff Doyle and ICE.

This is what I said at the TRUTH Act Forum on December 6 at the Marin County Board of Supervisors' chambers.


I'm a lifelong resident of Marin, and I'm proud of our history of activism.

The founding of the modern environmental movement in Ross in the 1930s.

Supporting civil rights in the 1960s, when, for instance, the mayor of Novato volunteered in Mississippi.

Early this year, the mayor of Novato — not the same one — visited the Mexico border to protest the separation of immigrant families.

These Marin individuals and their activism are all things for me to be proud of.

Knowing this history of standing up for big, important things, it makes me angry to realize that, today, we in Marin are now part of the problem. We are creating fear in our own community.

We are standing up for a system that fires tear gas at refugee women and children. A system that is still separating families.

And if you think, no, that's not us, that's not what we do in Marin: here's the thing: when a family man gets picked up by local police, or Marin County sheriffs, and brought into our jail, he may not be charged with a crime. He may be told he's free to go and pointed toward the door.

Then, when he walks through that door, he finds himself suddenly in three-point shackles — at the wrist, belly, and ankles — then he's put in a black van and taken away.

Just like those mothers and children fleeing tear gas, he feels terribly afraid.

Just like those families separated at border crossings, he feels like he will never see his loved ones again, like he will never be fully whole again.

Which is why I urge you, the Board of Supervisors and the Marin County Sheriff's Office, to make us proud again.

Zero cooperation with ICE. So we can show who we are. So we can show others how to be. That's what leaders do.

On Janury 15, 2019, Mayor Pro Tem Denise Athas introduced a proposed agenda item. She wrote, "Novato has been a leader in equity and continues to be a leader with our Not In Our Town Program. We believe in assisting ALL of our residents, and I believe it is time to formally adopt a resolution stating our goals and intentions. We need to stand up for all of our residents equally and fairly and make everyone feel, or at least be aware, that Novato is safe and secure and a place of welcome." Three Novato residents spoke in favor of Athas' proposal, including Susan Lauer, a board member at North Marin Community Services, Nancy Weber, a commissioner serving on the Novato Recreation, Cultural, and Community Services Advisory Commission, and myself. The item moved forward by a unanimous vote.

Council Member Denise Athas had an agenda item for January 15, 2019. It reflected Novato's commitment to equity and inclusion. As she said, "We believe in assisting all of our residents, and I believe it is time to formally adopt a resolution stating our goals and intentions."

Welcome to a special Novato in the Know edition of The Marin Advocate. The elections - The resignation of a Novato commissioner - And a call to action for safety and prosperity - What does it take to win an election having never served in elected office before?
Lots of good news. For instance, finally, our governor pointed out that our president is a liar. It's about time. Governor Brown in a tweet said Trump is "lying on immigration, lying about crime and lying about the laws of CA." Because the president is lying.
Today I am staggered by the notion that 60 people dressed in t-shirts and jeans and throwing rocks were killed by soldiers dressed in flack jackets and helmets and using automatic weapons. Half a dozen of the dead were under 18 and one was an eight-month-old infant.
The leading Republican candidate for governor in California is a guy named John Cox. His central campaign promise is to get tough on immigrants. He wants to repeal The California Values Act, in which California declared it wouldn't be goose-stepping in Trump's deportation parade.
Kevin Morrison introduced a resolution asking the Novato City Council to stand up for The California Values Act. Patty Hoyt spoke in favor of the resolution, sympathizing with the Council's task but noting, "All I am asking of the five of you to do is pass a resolution that will go far in easing the fears of so many in our community."